Scotland|Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye-West Highland, definitely is one of the most beautiful island I’ve ever been to so far. This island was full of surprises.
I’m a big fan of TV series-Outlander and Game of Thrones. I’ve been wanting to travel in Scotland ever since. I actually only decide and booked this trip 2 months before ahead. I’ve heard that driving a car is the best way to travel in Scotland. But since I don’t really used to drive on the left as well as manual car. I join a local tour company called “Rabbie’s”, lots of people recommend this tour company. The tour that I attended was ” West Highland& Isle of Skye” -it’s a four days’ tour. They use mini bus and maximum 16 people in each group.
I was lucky enough to travel with a some really cool people and our tour guide-Heather, she’s absolutely wonderful. I’ll talk more about her and this trip later on.
First of all, we drove down to Mallaig to take the ferry from there to Skye. Then started our adventure from there. On this island you can see cute Highland coo everywhere, and of course tons of sheep as well.
Jordanblog-2017 Isle of Skye-222-1
Ferry from Mallaig to Armadale
Jordanblog-2017 Isle of Skye-241-2
Very cute Highland coo
Jordanblog-2017 Isle of Skye-280-3
Sligachan, Isle of the Skye
I made this trip in early Sep, it’s not too cold in Scotland yet. If you ask me was it rain a lot in Scotland? The answer will be “Yes…and No!” It does raining once in a while tho, but the thing is this is Scotland, you gotta be optimistic like a Scottish…which is rain will stop and sun will come out later 🙂 It didn’t actually raining constantly the whole day, just a typical British weather, shower rain then stop later on. Always keep your fingers crossed.
What I like about Rabbie’s tour is they don’t like the some other tour company that you spend most of the time on traveling from one place to another. And you can only see those beautiful landscape from your bus windows! This photo was taken when we stopped by on our way to “Fairy pool”.
If you know about Scotland a little bit, you would know that there’re many location in Scotland has some mythology behind it that’s related to fairy, giant and the Kelpies of course!! I have to admit it that all these stories sounds very fascinating to me.
I think we had 40 minutes for this location, we walked from car park to the up to see fairy pools. It was a easy hike, don’t worry. But traveling in Scotland, I do recommend you to wear hiking boots or trainer that has waterproof. And be prepare of walking in the muddy road!
Jordanblog-2017 Isle of Skye-319-4
walk around Fairy Pools
Jordanblog-2017 Isle of Skye-304-5
Fairy Pools
Jordanblog-2017 Isle of Skye-321-6
Fairy Pools in the mist
Water in fairy pools are very nice and clean, if you’re brave enough you can bring your swim suit jump into the water to have a dip!! It rained again when we walk back to the starting point. Look back the mountains behind us, even surrounded by the clouds still looks pretty right? Exactly this kind of weather makes Highland even more mysterious.
Jordanblog-2017 Isle of Skye-337-7
The old man of Storr

The old man of Storr, another nice hiking spot, it’s a shame that we didn’t have enough time to do this hike. I’ve seen the picture taken from the top, it’s fantastic!

Jordanblog-2017 Isle of Skye-368-8
Kilt Rock

Another popular stoppted point-Kilt Rock.

Jordanblog-2017 Isle of Skye-377-9
Scottish laddie perform Bagpipe at Kilt Rock
If you see this good looking paper perform bagpipe at Kilt Rock, feel free to ask for a photo with him, but do remember to put some money in his box, he’s working hard to make a living there everyday.
Moving to the next location which is what I looking forward the most -Quiraing. I’ve been keep my fingers crossed praying for the nice weather. Good thing about we drive a mini bus was the road to Quiraing is small, big bus can’t really fit in. Only hire car and mini bus drive to here. Luckily the weather is lovely and not crowded at all.
Jordanblog-2017 Isle of Skye-385-10
Jordanblog-2017 Isle of Skye-392-11
The landscape in Quiraing is stunning, you just can’t stop yourself from taking lots of photos!! You can never get enough of this place.
Other member in our group was using his drone to shoot this location, I bet the video must be extraordinary!
Jordanblog-2017 Isle of Skye-390-12
See how breathtaking Quiraing it is right? If you driving by yourself and have more time, I highly recommend you spend more time here and walk around to take tons of photos.
What I like about this tour guide-Heather, not only she’s take good care of all of us, but also she told us so many mythology and history about Scotland, all these stories are link to each location that we visited. So that while you seen the beautiful Scotland landscape, you also knew what’s the story behind it.
Heather told me that although being a tour guide didn’t earn too much wage, but it’s something that she has passion and happy to work with. The last day she drop us at the bus station, everyone gave each other a hug and say farewell. We were all had a great time to travel with each other. (I had join another Rabbie’s tour, but it’s not that awesome compared to this one.) But generally I do recommend you this tour company if you consider to travel in Scotland, but don’t want to drive by yourself.
Jordanblog-2017 Isle of Skye-467-13
Very cute puppy that we met on our way back to Edinburgh


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