Bits and bobs|Why travel?

Wadi Rum, Jordan (2018)

What does travel mean to me? 

This is what I’ve been thinking when I traveling in Scotland right now. Thanks for the beautiful landscape here in Scotland and fresh air to get my head straight clear out my mind. I appreciated this beautiful land to given me that much inspiration considering I only booked this trip less than 2 months ago.

And I only have limited of time to plan the whole trip while there’re so many things occupied my head.(Was supposed to be in the US this time with an ex, but due to our relationship finished, I cancel my US flight as well. But since I already ask for holiday, why not go somewhere nice still?)

For me, traveling is not about the number of the countries that I’ve been to. Or if I’ve been to any famous, must visit location. What I like is really get close with the local people, how’s their living style. Even that mean I’ll have to talk to the strangers!! (Yes, I’m a Gemini, our real personality aren’t really out going like to start a conversation first) Talking to the local you’ll able to get to know some secret spots or really nice food that only local knows.

One thing that I notice about after I travel all these years. Western old couples are tend to travel on their own while the pensioner in Taiwan prefer to join a group with travel agency. Of course some western pensioners they sign up with the local tour company. However, basically they plan the whole trip pretty much all by themselves.

My British friends Geraldine and Frank both are 70ish years old. Frank have problem on one of his leg couldn’t walk really fast. Despite the fact of the condition like this, they still try to go travel every year. They just want to travel together while they still can. I admire of their spirit indeed.(of course, to be able to travel with your soulmate)

Although I’m not sure about if there will be someone to holding my hand and traveling with me when I’m older. But one thing I’m certain which is as long as I’m alive and healthy. I would definitely travel as much as I want as I don’t want to regret that I didn’t enjoy my life enough when I become an old lady.(You can only live your life once !!)


[Article wrote on 2017/09/13, Stansted airport, London]


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