Outdoor|What SUP

Was on my way for Taiwan paddle game in June in Fulong beach.(New Taipei City)

Most of my friends would probably notice that I’m getting very tanned this summer.
Also I’m very into SUP.(Stand up Paddle Boarding)
SUP was originated in Hawaii, there’re many information talking about this activity online. So I’m not going to explain too much about it here.

SUP already been a popular activity in western countries for over a decade.
However, it didn’t have that much people do SUP in Taiwan until these 2-3 years.
Even for me, I didn’t started to do SUP until last year.
I only tried it once in November last year,then didn’t SUP again until Feb this year.
But once I try it the second time, I fall in love with this exercise immediately.

Before I do SUP, I’ve doing different kind of exercises regularly.(Pitales , running, hiking, aerobic dance and gym workout sometimes. )I was amazed about how SUP can influence my body, my life so much.

For most of you probably think SUP is all about using the strength of your arms right?
It’s ok, that’s exactly what I thought at the beginning. No, it’s not!! To be able to paddle efficient you’ll need to use your entire body. (core muscles, torso, legs…etc)
And there’re plenty of paddle technique.(if you watch SUP race online, every SUP athletes has their own paddle style)Best way is to try them all and find out which one suits you the better.

And adjust them base on your condition. For me, I’m still change my paddle style from time to time if I found out this style is not suit me. One thing I notice about the manifest change of my body ever since I started SUP is “Hike”!

Even I’ve been doing so many kind of exercises in the past. However, I still feel sore of my legs and couldn’t catch my breath when hiking(especially when ascending). But ever since I do SUP, I’m no longer feel this way when I’m hiking.

And other great change is my body shape. Due to my paddle style, I squat when every stroke that I plant. Let’s say from my previous SUP record that I paddle for 7.5km and total stroke is over 3000 times. That means I squat that many times as well.


Twin Candlestick Islets(燭臺嶼) in Jin shan, New Taipei City

For some of my SUP buddies, the obvious change for them is they lose some weight. That’s why I always says SUP is a ready great activity that everyone can easy to access.

I would probably never thought about I’ll be so fascinating about is last year. I’m willing to get up around 4am and get into water by 5am at least twice a week. (even during the week, I do SUP before I go to work, haha)

And in June this year, I went for SUP instructor training and finally have my SUP instructor certificate!!! Can’t tell how happy I am about my achievement. Meanwhile, I’m also attend a few SUP competition for the first times this year. I think that’s a great way to gaining many experience from it.

SUP Race in Sun Moon Lake(日月潭) in June.

I know there’re still a lot for me to learn. But as long as I have passion about it, it will encourage me to keep on doing it and challenge myself more!!

Beautiful view that I see every time in my usual training location.



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