Jordan|About Girl travel alone in Jordan


Is it safe for female traveller to travel alone in Jordan? I suppose this is a frequent ask question that many girls been ask/search answer online just as what I did before. Or the same question but change the country. Let me tell you about it from my personal experience.

The reason I choose to travel to Jordan was recommended by a friend who been to Jordan on business trip a few times before. He told me Jordan is a nice place to travel with. But he did mentioned since it’s a Muslim country, it’s unavoidable that you would get some attention when you walk on the street. He even told me one of his colleague, who’s a blonde hair girl hire a driver took her to Jerash, when she walk around Jerash, there’s a Jordanian guy keep on follow her told her how pretty she is and want to get marry with her. So he would suggest would be better if you have someone to travel with in Jordan.

Here I’m going to share with you my own experience regarding to girl travel alone in Jordan. I remember the first day when I arrived in Amman, I had a Taiwanese friend who work in Amman that I knew him from Taiwan backpacker website, he’s very nice to show me around Amman city all day. I wore a T-shirt and a short that day. My Taiwanese friend told me that he never get so much attention since he live in Amman. Most of Jordanian guy are quite shy, they wouldn’t stare at me straightaway until I walk pass them they turn around and check up on me(From what my friend told me)

Amman Citadal

When we visit Amman Citadal, there’re 3 Jordanian guy came to asked if I can help them to take photos which I’m happily to help. Then they ask to take photo with me respectively as well. After that, they ask if I would like to hang out with them to clubbing at night? Of course, I reject their invite politely. Then they still ask a few times, but since I already say that I have other plan. They just give up didn’t keep on bothering us.

The next day, I join a local tour to visit some locations in north of Jordan. I remember that all school girls are very cute, always give you a warm welcome say hi to you. Some of them ask you some question, then as you know it’s selfie time.
(I have to say these school girls are all very cute!! Love to talk to them.) But they seems only talk or ask for photograph from woman, I would supposed that has something related to their religion. My Taiwanese friend did told me that once they talk to a Jordanian girl while they play on the street, then later someone who maybe the brother of that girl came out and yell to my friend and his friend. I guess that’s they’re not suppose to talk to some man that’s not from their family. But what I heard about is compare to most of Muslim country, Jordan is a lot more open minded. Some girls that work in shopping centre they don’t even wear head scarf from what I saw.

I have to say I was quite lucky that I had some great experience in Jordan most of the time. Something I can give you a heads up is you just need to get used to being gaze by local people whether man or woman. As I mentioned above, most of them just gaze to you, being curious about you.  But not all of them will approach you to really want to ask you out.


Wadi Rum, stunning landscape that worth to ruin your trainer

I received many warm welcoming during my journey in Jordan. They’re all quite happy to help you when you need. When I hire a private tour guide to take me to visit Dead sea and Mount Nebo and drop me off at Petra. My driver Ammen is a very nice person. He like to play some very old school western music (maybe from 1970 something), help on take photos when I’m in the dead sea.(especially your hand are greasy from soaking in the very salty water, you do need someone to take you photos!!) And the hotel that he take me to is a lot better than the public beach, 20JD/person entry fee that have lunch buffet included. I remember when I arrived my hostel in Petra. I found out I drop my camera batteries in his car. I feel my entire world turn to black and white all the sudden as that mean I’ll have to rely on one and only battery to survive the rest of my trip. I text my hostel in Amman (they help me to arrange the driver), ask if they can call driver to send my batteries back to Amman hostel. At least I can see if my Taiwanese friend can help me to pick it up and take it back to Taiwan for me. And the hostel in Amman told me that driver already return my batteries to my petra hostel front desk!!! I was so surprise and and jolly. I text to Ammen told him that I can’t thank him enough for found my betteries and return it to the hostel. I remember Ammen replied: “Thanks Selma, it’s my job to help you. If you need any help, just call me.” I can’t tell how lucky I was!!! For someone who into photography that much, it would be very painful for me for not being able to take as much photos as I want. (I highly recommend this driver tour guide, I’ll leave his contact info at the end of this article)

Of course, just like most of your travel experience, sometimes you do encounter some nuisance, have some unpleasant experience. But your experience of meeting nice people and getting help from them would makes you forget about those bad memories.

I had a good impression about Royal Jordanian’s service. When I fly back from Cyprus, I also take their flight back to Amman first, then I’ll have to wait for 12hrs until my next flight home. And if you want to entre Jordan, you’ll have to purchase for another visa on arrival again( 40JD) which is not really worth for staying such a short time. Luckily before I made this trip, I read some information from RJ website that they provide free accommodation to their customer whoever lay over 8hrs. But you have to contact RJ office to get the voucher before you departure. I was booked my ticket through travel agency, so they obtain this voucher for me from RJ Taiwan office. Basically you’ll take your voucher to there’s a counter in the airport, they’ll take you walk through the airport and board on the shuttle bus that take you straightaway to the hotel.

There’s a concierge Ismil, been taking good care of me once I arrived. Lead me to the gym while I can’t find it, and bring me a bottle of water since I forgot it at all. Have a short conversation that he told me he been travel to South East Asia before. I can tell he’s a person who’s well travel. But still found it hard to guess Asian’s age. He guess I’m a college girl who’s only 21. (No one would ever get tired of hearing the compliment like that!!) He gave me his extension no. that told me to call him anytime if I have any problem. That’s very heartwarming to still encounter a friendly people like that before I leave Jordan, makes me have a good impression about this country till the last moment that I left.
Shukran” (Arabian mean: thank you) Jordan for gave me such a great time here.


Amman driver guide:
Mr. Ammen
(I promise that I’ll tell people his info when I found my beterries back, and I keep my promise!!)

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