Indonesia|Beach in Lombok

Mawi Beach

Indoblog-2018 Indo-234-18
Countryside road to Mawi beach. That’s why I love Indonesia, full of surprise.
Indoblog-2018 Indo-36-9
View from the top of the hill. Left side is Mawi Beach

Mawi beach is a bit far from Kuta town. About an hour on a scooter ride. Mawi beach is also the place that I don’t want to visit again due to the road condition. You actually have to go up hill then to the entry gate to pay 10,000 Rp. Then another 20 mins down hill to the beach. Same as all other road in Indonesia. It’s all rocky and bumping road. Very steep and slippery. I almost fell over when on my way back at the downhill. So that’ why I don’t wanna go there again.

Indoblog-2018 Indo-35-2-8
On the right side of the hill. No one over there at all.

Unlike other beach, Mawi beach actually don’t have much shop there. When you reach to the beach on the right hand side. There’s a hill you can hike up to see the view. Some locals fishing there as well. When I go up to the top, I notice about there’s another beach just right next to it. But no one at all. So I decide to go down there instead. Then I got the whole beach all by myself. How nice isn’t it? If I didn’t go up to the top, I wouldn’t see that beach.   


Indoblog-2018 Indo-57-2-10
Feel good to have the whole beach just by myself 🙂


Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak Beach is not too far from Mawi Beach. But the condition of the road is a lot better than Mawi. And you don’t have to ride too further after you pay for the entry fee at the gate.

This beach is where I took my surf class. If you want to surf, you can just rent the surf board from the shop over there. Or sign up for a surf class if you wish. I was actually wanted to go back to that beach afterwards. However, I had a scooter accident the next day, cover with bruise and wounds on my both legs. It’s a pity. Otherwise, I quite like the beach and the water over there.

Pentai Tanjung Aan(Next to Merese Hills Sunset point)

Indoblog-2018 Indo-78-2-14

I went Tanjung Aan quite a few times for swim and sunbathe when I was in Kuta. It’s not too far from town centre only 20 mins away. When you park your scooter in the parking area, there’re some lads will show photos and tell you they can take you to the photo point then take photo for you. If you don’t want it that’s ok. There’re all quite nice people. For girl like me travel alone. When I about to leave the beach but it’s hard to move my scooter in the sand, one of them even offer help to give a push.

Indoblog-2018 Indo-119-16

There’re many bar along the beach with deck chair. It’s all free, you only need to order a drink can lay there as long as you want. The sand at this beach is white sand and very fine. Condition of the water is acceptable. (You need to get used to step onto some rubbish at the bottom of the water)

Indoblog-2018 Indo-301-8
There’re many swings like this for you to take a photo

Right next to this beach is Merese Hills, you can walk all the way down the beach or take your scooter. Hike up to the view point to see the sunset or hike one peak over another peak to see the beach from the different angle. You can also see monkeys over there. Don’t say I didn’t warn you to stay away from the monkeys. Don’t get too close, they don’t like it as I’ve been there before. I got a little bit close to one monkey, next second he get angry and became aggressive run toward me making threatening sound. I actually had my backpack on my hand to get ready in case he really attack me. So stay away from them as far as possible!!!

Indoblog-2018 Indo-75-2-12
Watch out the monkey!! I’m serious!!
Indoblog-2018 Indo-76-2-13
View from Merese Hill

Indoblog-2018 Indo-72-11

And when you got out from Tanjung Aan, there’re a fork road both sides can goes to the town. I would suggest you take the one on the right. Although both road are bumping road. But the one on the right is much more flat unlike the left one, once you turn you goes on a steep downhill. I literally fell over really hard with my scooter over there.

Indoblog-2018 Indo-243-2-19


Indoblog-2018 Indo-90-2-15
Watching sunset from Merese Hill
Indoblog-indonesia road-8
All the road to the beach is like this. Some with steep hill is even more scary

Kuta Beach(Close to the town)

Indoblog-2018 Indo-127-17
Evening at the Kuta beach

Kuta beach is the beach that I went on the first day when I arrived Lombok. Just in  walking distance. Many locals swimming over there. But nothing particular special in this beach. They don’t have the deck chair over there. But if you didn’t rent a scooter on your first day arrive. You can still go there do some sunbathing. Also , Kuta beach is not a place for sunset as the sun will go down from the back of the mountain. So you won’t be able to see sunset from here.

Mawun Beach

Can’t remember why I go to this beach. I think I just got on the scooter and want to wondering around the countryside. And I know the view on that road is good. (Mawi Beach and Selong Belanak are both on the same direction but further) Then I randomly saw the sign of this beach so I just go in anyway. There wasn’t many tourists over there. Other than me, just 2-3 other couples.I don’t think the water in this beach I would want to swim, because of there’re some big portion of reefs close to the shores. If you get too close by the reef you might get hit onto them by the wave. So you need to swim out a little bit more. I just stay there relax and read a bit.

Indoblog-2018 Indo-267-20
The dark thing you see in the water is reef. It’s better you swim out pass the reef first.

Pantai Seger Kuta

I didn’t actually go here for sunbathe. I only been here for sunset once with the butler of my villa. Pantai Seger Kuta is not too far from town and the Tanjung Aan. It’s easy to walk up to the sunset point. Unfortunately, although the weather is nice during my time in Kuta. But it seems always getting too many clouds at the sunset moment.

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