Bits and bobs|Arthur-boy that I met in London

I’ve been travel on my own most of the time. I like to use some social network such as Instagram, FB Group, couchsurfing or dating applike Tinder to meet people in local when I travel. That’s how I met Arthur online before I went to the UK again in 2014(I’ve been to the UK quite a few times before). I was there to visited my English family, Arthur is a French guy who just moved to London to work by that time.I was 28 and he was 27 then. He’s also looking for someone that can spend the weekend explore the city with. We talked a few times online before meet up in person.

Our first time meet up at Tower bridge station, then we took the DLR to Greenwich. He has a nice brown hair and beautiful green eyes. Gave me a warm welcome with a big hug when we meet up in person. We both are the geek who love The lord of the rings and Game of thrones. It was cold and cloudy that day. We stroll cross the park through Greenwich. And goofy around in the museum that make each other to do something silly. Unfortunately, it starting to rain really hard on our way back to the station, we both got wet and cold.So we decide to just go home respectively. But I can tell that we both want to say something but didn’t speak out.

Later on, we text each other think it’s a shame that only hang out for a few hours. Both of us not familiar about the night life of London. Eventually, we decide he came to my hotel that we can just watch a movie together. The next day, I leave London to go other city to visit my friends. I wasn’t sure if I’m gonna see Arthur again or not.

Week later, I came back from Madrid after visited some friends. We talked about if we should hang out again before I fly back home. So we meet up the day before I leave, we talked a lot and spend a night together.He’s a very sweet, cute guy that I had a great time of a summer fling with. If we both live in London, things might develop differently. After I came back, we talk sometimes, not very often. Or emails. We have the same wavelength that  when we both in a relationship with someone else, we won’t be in contact.

3 years later which is 2017. I just finished a 2 years relationship about 3 months. We were supposed to visit his family in the US. that I alredy had my holiday book. So even we broke up, I still want to take that holiday anyways. Just think about where to go? Scotland is the place that came into my mind. Because if I go Scotland, I’ll fly in from London. I wanted to catch up with my friend Steve. He’s  a good friend to me who know me well, even we don’t really talk that often. But he’s there for me when I need. Somehow, I thought about Arthur. Because when I went to London in 2015, he happened to be back in London from a business trip on my last day in town. So we missed each other. However, we were in contact during that 2 years as we both have partner during that time.

So I send an email to Arthur see if he’ll be in town during my visit. Luckily, he’ll be in London while I get back from Scotland. Then we met after he finish his work. It’s kind of funny that you see someone you’ve been had summer fling after many years apart. I grew much more mature, so does him. But deep inside of him, he’s still that cute French boy that I met when I was 28. He said every time when he walk into park in London, always remind him of me. We still talking about some fantasy about life, and Game of thrones of course.  I remember before we said goodbye. He say to me: “So I’ll see you 3 years later??” haha. (Because last time we saw each other was 3 years ago)

I know nowadays, it’s easy for some people to have a one night stand even with people they don’t like. For me, I just couldn’t that,even just spend one night with someone, feeling probably doesn’t really matters. But I just couldn’t stand with someone that don’t share something in common. Who have nothing to talk about! I know, I know, if it’s just a one night stand , why bother to care about so much!? But I’d rather just stay on my own if I have to spend one night with someone bored or someone that I don’t even have a feeling with. Same as my point of view about relationship. I’d rather stay single and doing things that I like to make myself happy. Instead of being with a wrong person, wasting of my time and live a life that I don’t even like, and being miserable!!

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