About Me

I’m Taiwan born and bred. Gemini. Into any kind of exercises: Hiking / yoga /Aerobic dance / gym / Snorkeling / SUP/ SUP Surfing/Surf skate.  I’m an amateur SUP athlete, and SUP Instructor on the side. A solo traveller, love to travel when I’m available. Enjoy meeting new people share good vibes and experience local culture.

I’ve never stop on trying new stuff as life is too short that we can only live it once! You can say I’m bit of stubborn sometimes. Especially regarding to what can do/can’t do. I don’t limited myself, I believe that only when you give it a try so you can find out if you like it or not, love it /hate it. I don’t regret of any decision that I made as I live everyday as the last day of my life in this universe.

And I also care about gender equality. I’m proudly say I’m a feminist, but that doesn’t mean I only care about women’s right, men are being treated inequality sometimes as well. We all have to dedicate work harder to make our life better!